Friday, February 29, 2008

Billboard launches Japan music charts

Billboard, best known for its music charts in the U.S., announced on Thursday that it has started providing charts for the Japanese music industry. Rankings will be released on Wednesdays, based on data from more than 3,000 CD shops and 33 radio stations. The charts will be managed by Billboard's partner in Japan, the Osaka-based Hanshin Contents Link.

There are 4 charts in all: Hot 100, Top Albums, Hot 100 Airplay, and Hot Singles Sales. The charts can be publicly viewed at the Billboard Japan site (top 10) or at Tsutaya Online (top 20).

The first set of charts already shows several differences from Oricon's rankings. In particular, the Hot 100 charts do not correspond to any of Oricon's charts, since they are not based only on sales.


Hana Yori Dango, Korean Version?!?

After the mega popularity of Meteor Garden first in Taiwan back in 2001 and then subsequently Hanayori Dango in Japan in recent years, Korea is also set to have its very own version of Meteor Garden in 2008.

Popular Japanese anime, Hanayori Dango will be adapated into a Korean drama. The Taiwanese and Japanese version of the television drama has achieved phenomenal ratings during its run and the Japanese version which was shown on cable television achieved pretty good ratings and earning lots of fans in the process. The company which will be producing this is Group Eight whose previous works were Goong: Princess Hours and Fantasy Couple. The Japanese rights holder decided to work with Group Eight after learning about it’s production capability after viewing Goong S.

By releasing this exciting news first, Group Eight has created lots of anticipation and hype over who will be taking the roles ahead of the actual casting. Many netizens in fact are already posting and discussing furiously over who their ideal cast should be since the news broke yesterday.

With regards to the Korean F4, the production team revealed, “We will be choosing based on their similarities with the anime characters. We won’t be choosing based on how popular or how well-known they are.” The Korean version of Hanayori Dango is set at 24 episodes, each clocking in at 70 minutes and will be shown on television in the latter part of 2008.

The following are early picks by fans since the news broke:

Makino Tsukushi/杉菜
1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Goo Hye Sun

Doumyouji Tsukasa/道明寺
1. Jo In Sung
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Lee Dong Gun
4. Jang Hyuk
5. Hyun Bin

Hanazawa Rui/花泽类
1. Im Joo Hwan
2. Choi Si Won
3. Jang Geun Seuk


Kang Ji Hwan talks about Sung Yu Ri

In the afternoon of February 27, actor Kang Ji Hwan has expressed his feelings about the actress playing Sung Yu Ri on the official forum of drama Hong Gil Dong.

Kang Ji Hwan wrote "The episode 19 will be a turning-point of the drama. In that episode, the status of our little silly girl (meant Sung Yu Ri) will be revealed. This is a big ordeal of the actress because audiences will wait and see how she will act. I also told Sung Yu Ri that I expect to see her acting. She said she will try her best to do well in this scene".

Besides, Kang Ji Hwan says "I thought that when I acted with Sung Yu Ri, I could meet the other members of Fin.K.L band, unlucky I didn't meet anyone.”

Finally, he wrote "I really like Hong Gil Dong's yells when he fights, but they have been cut when broadcasting. There's 3 weeks left and the drama will finished. We will do our best to contribute for audiences.


DBSK come back onstage this fall

In the latest show "The Interview" of Kyung In OSB television, the famous Korean boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK) said "Earliest by this August or latest by October, we will launched a new album in Korea". If DBSK comes back to Korea in August, this will be a significant returning after 18 months disappearance.

In 2006, DBSK released the thirth album and achieved many awards in the music festivals at the end of the year. Since then, DBSK has concentrated on performing in Japan.

Last month, DBSK released the single album Purple Line which led the Top weekly single Oricon.

DBSK also said about this in "The Interview", "We only knew that we were the only Asian boyband that had name in the Weekly single board of Oricon when the press confirmed it. We ourselves felt really astonished"


Ambassadors for Korea's Red Cross Youth

Ft Island have been named as ambassadors for Korea’s Red Cross Youth association and will be involved in photo shoots for the promotion.
Ft Island talking about RCY

Video Credit: Lovefti@youtube

Seung Ri & Junsu.....the cutest thing ever!!!

Seungri’s Interview

Q: Do you have a song you like to sing?

Seungri: Songs that I like to listen to a lot is “Undwenayo” by Hwisong-shi. And before I debut, I really really like “Timeless” by Dongbangshinki-hyung especially Junsu-hyung, whenever I listen to songs that he sings, I always feel very touched (laughs). I’ve learnt a lot from Dongbangshinki-hyung, I also registered in Junsu-hyung’s fan cafe and post lots of news and photos ^^. Because getting to know hyungs makes Bigbang and have Seungri in Bigbang. From now on I will try harder to show better and better products !

Q: Do you have a person you admire and really want to meet?

Seungri: Like I’ve just said, I really admire Junsu-hyung from Dongbangshinki and I’ve learned a lot of things from him. I’ve bought Dongbangshinki’s CD and every time I listen to their songs I feel very good. To tell you the truth, if I get the chance to have a meal with Junsu-hyung for once it would be so great. (laughs)

Junsu’s Interview

Q: Recently, do you have a song that you like to sing?

Junsu: Recently I’ve heard about a group called “BIGBANG” a lot. And the song “Koh Jid Mal” is very good (laughs). Especially when I found out that G-Dragon composed it himself, it makes me like the song even more.

(Yunho cuts in)

Yunho: One day, Junsu bought BIGBANG cd back home and we feel very honored that we bought Bigbang’s songs to listen to. Then one day while Junsu was having dinner and watching TV, Junsu listens to “Koh Jid Mal” from Bigbang all the time.

Q: If so, have you heard about Seungri-shi from Bigbang being your fanclub?

Junsu: Aaaaa… yes, I’ve heard about this before and I feel very thankful for everyone in Bigbang. Once I went on a show and got to meet Bigbang. I shook all of their hands and when Seungri shook my hands he won’t let go. We looked at each other in the eye and Seungri said “I’ve always admire you”, when he does that I smiled and he smiled, and Seungri greeted me (said hello) again and again. I was so surprised then. (laughs)

credit: sookyung.cutiegirlmei@YGBB

awwwww, soooooo cute..especially the part when Seung ri doesn't want to let go off Junsu's hand..i would do the same thing to both of them..LOL..deym, i love em both..wish i can be there with all of them at that's like two of my TOP fav group at the same place at the same time..that place must be heaven..LOL..ah, Junsu listen to lies all the 2..gosh, we have the same interest..and i also LOVE timeless and junsu..yay..i have a similarity with both junsu and Seung ri..:D

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zhang Li Yin MVs

Zhang Li Yin(Korean Name) or also known as Jang Ri In(Chinese Name) has come out with a new album and she is one of the singer that i was talking about, i mean, she did a continuation Mv. Making her mv in some king of a storyline and I LOVE IT!!!Hankyung and Siwon are featuring in the MVs and they're both are talented actors. Can actually make people cried just by watching the MVs. Plus Zhang Li Yin's voice is improving then before. I'm digging her songs.:D
I Will(Part 1)

Happiness Left Shore(Part 2)

Video Credit: mizzqtpnai@youtube

Korean Music Video

If you love watching Korean music video you will notice that some of the singer love to do a continuation for their mv, there will be like two parts of the music video. Well actually not only Korean singer do that kind of thing but since I'm currently obsessing with Korean songs right now so i kinda notice this similarity. I actually a fan of it. It's quite interesting because they're making a storyline using their music video. So, from now on I am going to post videos that have a continuation whether it's an old song or a new song it doesn't matter, what matter is that there's two part or maybe even more..LOL..

Junsu's If..!? #5 on oricon

Xiah Junsu(DBSK) got a spot on oricon chart. Following Micky Yoochun(also a member of DBSK) who also got a spot on the oricon before, he swept the 5th place. He totally deserves it, with his heavenly voice that can make my heart melt he deserve to get the spot. Congrats to Junsu, hope the other member will get a spot on the oricon too.:D


Single Papa In Love OST

Shindong(Super Junior) is going to rap the them song in the drama "Single Papa In Love". The song is called “Don’t Cry,” which marks the first time that Shindong went solo as a singer.

“This time, I’m able to sing to my heart’s content because I did it alone, which I have not done before because there are a lot of membes in Super Junior,” Shindong expressed.

Single Papa in Love OST MV

1st song: 미친 사 랑 (Crazy Love)- Jin Sung (Monday Kiz)
2nd Song: 썸데이 (Someday) - Kim Dong Hee
3rd Song: 울지마 (Don't Cry)- ShinDong of SUJU ft. Bong Lee

Video Credit: symbelmyn@youtube

Nude Video Offer to Hyun Young

Hyun Young mentioned about a blank check she had received as an offer to film a nude video, on OBS TV's Watch the show and movie.

This self proclaimed body queen of Korea believes although it was a huge monetary offer (anything she wanted), she refused it because, she feels she should only share her naked body with herself, rather than the entire world.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rain reveal Samsung's Olympic Theme Song

To introduce Samsung Electronics' Anycall mobile phone model for the Beijing Olympic Games, singer Rain attended the "Press Conference for Samsung Advertisement Model, Rain" held in Beijing, China on February 21. Fans also had the chance to meet the superstar in person.

At the press conference, Samsung Electronics' Olympic theme song was revealed. The spectacular advertisement in music video format began shooting on February 22. To help Chinese schools improve their gym facilities, Rain also took part in a hand-printing event which will collect proceeds to be used for public welfare by auctioning off the handprints.


Honey Lee launches musical career

Honey Lee will debut as a musical actress. The Miss Universe (third runner up) flirted with the idea of launching her acting career first, but decided to fly high with music because of her major in Korean traditional music and experience as a YG trainee way back in time.

Honey Lee is currently working with PMC Production, creator of Cooking Nanta, to develop a working script for her first musical endeavor.

Epik High & Honey Lee - Fan(this performance prove that Honey Lee is not all about beauty but she has the talent too!!!


Good luck to Honey Lee, she can do it!!!


Since DBSK return home to Korea, they had participate many Korean tv show. It makes all the fan happy, including ME.:D. Though I'm not living in Korea I personally love it better when DBSK in Korea because there'll be more update about the boys there and even more appearance of them on Korean show which i LOVE so much.:D

DBSK-Line Up 1/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 2/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 3/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 4/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 5/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 6/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 7/7(ENG SUB)

Video Credit: ginaya@youtube

I really thankful at ginaya for making the subs. DBSK looks soooo cute in the show. I LOVE them so much.:D

Lee Seung Gi injured during 1 Nights 2 Days!!!

Ballad singer Lee Seung gi broke his finger during the taping of popular reality show 1 Night 2 Days last Saturday. Despite his injury, Lee Seung gi was a good sport and completed the taping.

Lee Seung Ki had to undergo surgery when he returned to Seoul on Sunday and was told that he needs his finger cast for about a month. Although Lee Seung gi expressed his desire to stay with the show, his management company is having second thoughts.

ETN news on the injury of Lee Seung Gi in 1N2D

Video Credit: vannyiscOming@youtube

DBSK wishes Suju good luck!!!

The 13-member boy band, SuJu (Super Junior), jump started their first international concert at the Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium on February 22 and 23.

But, it wasn't just the fans that were cheering for the group. The renown boy band DBSK, was also rooting for the success of the group's concert.

And to show that they were cheering on for the group, DBSK themselves, called the group to wish them good luck.


awww, isn't that nice, they're like brothers from a different mother........and father of course..LOL..

Hong Gil Dong's MVs!!!

There are another two versions of Hong Gil Dong's mv. One is the time spend between Heo Lee Nok (Sung Yu Ri) and Hong Gil Dong (Kang Ji Hwan). The other version is the time spend between Heo Lee Nok and Lee Chang Hwui (Jang Geun Suk). Both video are so sweet. It's hard to choose who Heo Lee Nok should be with. Personally I hope Heo Lee Nok can divide herself into two so she doesn't need to choose between the two guys..LOL..

Hong Gil Dong MV If (Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri Version)

Hong Gil Dong MV If (Sung Yu Ri And Jang Geun Suk Version)

Video Credit: pinkyshan333

Daniel Henney goes to Hollywood!!!

Daniel Henney joined the cast of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, playing Agent Zero, a member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills.

Even with the recent in flood of Korean talent into the Hollywood industry, Daniel should be able to separate himself with his ability to speak English. I can’t wait to see that body as a super-fighting bad ass agent.

Set your calendars for a May 1, 2009!


dang, can't wait to watch daniel henney in a Hollywood movies. He's really HOT!!!

Wonder Girls meet Matthew Fox

The recent news that Wonder Girls had met “Lost” television series star, Matthew Fox in America has become a hot topic of discussion in Korea.

On 20th February, Wonder Girls together with their producer/boss, Park Jin Young attended the New York Premiere of Hollywood movie, “Vantage Point”. According to a JYPE spokesperson, Wonder Girls got to meet “Lost” star, Matthew Fox after finishing watching the movie. Matthew Fox who is one of the main characters in the movie, “Vantage Point”, came to prominence in his role as Jack in the television series, “Lost” and is extremely popular in America.

The meeting was arranged by Park Jin Young who knew Matthew Fox very well during his time in America. Wonder Girls expressed, “Our eyes never left the screen, we were all totally immersed into the concise plot and fast-paced storyline. We are very happy to have watched the movie first before it’s shown around the world. This New York trip has been really meaningful thus far.”

They added, “We really like Matthew Fox and are very happy to see him in person”, as the joy on their faces said it all. Matthew Fox even hummed Wonder Girls hit song, “Tell Me” making it a very enjoyable atmosphere for all.


WHAT?!?even matthew fox knew WG's song "tell me"..dang, wonder girls are famous after all..

Seung ri to act in a musical!!!

YG Entertainment revealed on February 22 that BIG BANG member Seungri was double casted as the male lead in the musical called "Sonagi" which mean "Rain Shower,” which will run from April 12 to May 5 at the M Theater in the Seoul Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

According to Seungri, the challenge of singing and acting on stage attracted him to do this project and that he is going to show his enthusiasm as an actor.

Seungri had to go through 3 casting auditions for the male lead role. He will be performing 18-19 times out of a total of 39.


YAY to Seung ri. I want to watch it so badly. Bet he'll look soooo cute acting in a musical. Good luck Seung ri with the musical.:D

Yoon Eun hye, the new face of "Beauty Food - V=B Program

Amore Pacific has signed up Yoon Eun Hye on a 1 Year contract as the new face of their "Beauty Food - V=B Program".

Reps from Amore Pacific revealed "we chose YEH for her fresh vitamin-like image and through this image we strongly believe that YEH can bring out both healthiness and beauty, hence we found her to be the best candidate to model out and convey this healthy beauty from the V=B program."


Zhang Li Yin's 1st Album Cover

Track list:
1. Intro
2. 初恋 (First Love)
3. A Flame For You
4. 星愿 (I WILL)-Hankyung(Suju) and Siwon(Suju) will be in the mv
5. 幸福的左岸 (Happiness’ Left Shore)
6. 后 (After/Later)
7. 交错的爱 (Love That Was Given Wrong)
8. 相信爱 (Believe In Love)
9. One More Try
10. 纯真的爱 (Pure Love)
11. Y (Why…)
12. Timeless

One More Time by Zhang li yin

Preview of I will by Zhang Li Yin ft. Hankyung & Siwon

Video Credits: mizzqtpnai&yling0208@youtube

Hong Gil Dong OST

Hong Gil Dong OST-if

Video Credit: Smarie7

This beautiful song was sing by a great singer, Taeyeon from the group SNSD. I have post the same song here in this blog because i LOVE it, but before it was a fanmade video but now i just realize actually she sings this song for the drama Hong Gil Dong. LOVE the song and LOVE the drama. Taeyeon's voice really suits the song. The song make the drama even more lovable and one of my friend even said that just by listening to the song can even make me people cry because it sOOo sweet yet sOOo sad at the same time and I can't agree more. We even agree that Taeyeon can/should go solo because she will shine even more if she is solo. Overall, I totally LOVE the song!!!

Watch Out Everyone, DBSK is BACK in Korea!!!

DBSK returns to Korea in September and will be making a comeback on the Korean music scene this September after 2 years since they released an album.

DBSK are one of Korea's representative top artists so it would be like the comeback of the kings. They entered the Japanese markets with success. Now the Korean fans are more excited to see them having their activities in Korea.

DBSK who has exceeded the average expectations for korean idol groups, gained the top spot for the Oricon Charts in Japan and will also be releasing their 4th Album in September. Having received the award for the Golden Disk last 2006, they entered the Japanese market and their 16th single, "Purple Line" topped the Oricon Charts.

Also, they were the first Asian artists to get to the top spot on Oricon Weekly singles chart. An SM representative has said, " DBSK will release an album in September and since they haven't had any activities in Korea for a very long time, they will attend the end of the year ceremonies as well as performing for the Korean fans"

KBS Music bank's new host perform together...

Tablo and Kim Sung-eun performing love love love

Video Credit: Sooner128

Kim Sung-eun was known for her "tone-deaf" when she went to a show called Happy Sunday and seriously she sounds thousands times better when she sings the song with Tablo. I guess Tablo can cover up the fact that she is tone deaf. Although some people will say her voice is bad singing the song but they should listen to her on Happy Sunday and trust me you will think it's two whole different person singing. Overall, Tablo really rocks the house. They will be a good partner MCing music bank.

Byul releases BEST album!!!

Singer Byul has released a collection of her hit songs entitled 'The Best.'

Byul debuted in October 2002 with her first album entitled 'December 23rd.' Since then, she has released four studio albums and two single albums featuring hit songs such as 'How Are You,' 'I Think I' and 'Tears.'

The title song of her best album is entitled 'A Glass' which was written by Hwang Chan-hee who is well-known for having composed other hit songs in the past such as 'Password 486,' performed by Yun Ha.

Also included in the album is a duet with Rain entitled 'How I Love You,' 'Feeling Good Today' featuring MC Mong and a duet with Na Yun-kwon entitled 'How Are You.'

The album also features yet undisclosed photos of the singer as well as music videos.

Byul-I think I mv (Full House OST)


Video Credit: sweetiegenie @ youtube

Big Bang, Number 1 on Thailand's MTV chart, two weeks straight!!!

Popular group Big Bang has once again topped Thailand music channel MTV’s international chart.

Big Bang’s “Always” has been number one on the chart for two weeks straights for the 7th week (days 9-15) and the 8th week (days 16-22). They have already topped the chart before with “Dirty Cash” and “Lie”. Just five months after Big Bang released their first single in Thailand in September, they managed to top the chart and thus set a new record.

According to YG Entertainment, “Always” was a title song of Big Bang’s 1st mini album along with “Lie”. However, because there was no other promotion for this song other than being aired on radios and performed on stage in Korea, they did not expect this kind of result.

A YG Entertainment representative stated, “After Big Bang promoted in Thailand last December, the fans got even more interested […] Although there are many fans who are disappointed that “Always” wasn’t promoted in Korea, Big Bang is happy to hear this good news.”

Having successfully promoted in Japan, Big Bang will hold a concert at Dokyo’s JCB Hall on March 28th and 29th.


GO BIG BANG..will support you guys forever!!!

Boa, shampoo model

Mainichi Newspaper reported last February 19 that “Asia’s Star” BoA was selected by Unilever Japan as a model for its shampoo brand.

“Since my debut, I have had long hair. I’ve always wanted to do a shampoo commercial and I’m happy that it’s a dream come true,” BoA commented on how she felt when she landed on the endorsement deal.

The said commercial, which starts airing on the 22nd, features BoA’s glossy brown hair, dance moves and background song “AGGRESSIVE,” which is from the singer’s new Japanese album “THE FACE” that will be released on the 27th.


Big Bang as a cartoon?!?

To further encourage prepubescent schoolgirls daydreaming of their Big Bang oppas during class, YG Entertainment released school supplies plastered with cartoon replicas of the teen heartthrobs.

YG Entertainment commissioned a character designer to create these Big Bang counterparts dubbed “Bangs.” The Bangs boys were also given cuter names to coincide with their caricature images, Tabi (T.O.P.), Tori (Seung Ri), Ssoong Yi (Dae Sung), Be Be (Tae Yang), and Jing Yo (G-Dragon) and the “B-School Set” was released yesterday at moonbangoos (stationary stores) everywhere.

School supplies are just the first in what we suspect will be a many-pronged marketing operation. And YG Entertainment confirmed its intent to continue Bangs character products, following SM’s lead in commercializing his artists for what they are worth.


ahhhh, i really want to have Big Bang's cartoon character..they're shoooo cute..but it's quite expensive..GAH, I REALLY WANT IT!!!

Win a date with clazziquai!!!

Who wants a date with Clazziquai?

Talk about star endorsement. SK Telecoms is conducting a Thrilling Star Date promotion, which is open to people enrolled in its wireless music portal service SBS Music Star Channel.

A random lottery will pick out the winners of a “date,” to take place on March 8 — with the group Clazziquai.

Those who’d like to participate in the event have until March 3 to enroll in SBS Music Star Channel, from which fifty winners will be selected (each winner gets to bring one other person) to enjoy a date with Clazziquai.


pick me, pick me!!!i would LOVE to have a date with alex..he's HOTTT!!!LOL..

Second sp for Attention Please ANNOUNCED!!!

The 2006 Fuji TV drama series "Attention Please" is returning to television for a second special episode. The series starred Aya Ueto as Yoko Misaki, a young woman training to become a flight attendant. In January of last year, Fuji TV aired the first special, which featured Yoko flying to Honolulu.

This time, Yoko will face new troubles as she flies to Sydney, Australia. The story also involves a major event for the instructor Mikami, played by Miki Maya. Other returning cast members include Saki Aibu, Chihiro Otsuka and Kotaro Koizumi, though it is not yet clear whether Ryo Nishikido will be back. Yuichi Sato will again be directing.

Fuji TV will broadcast the special at 9:30pm on April 3.


Even sex symbols can be self-conscious

Another celebrity with an upcoming ten-year anniversary is pop singer, widely renounced actress, and all-around sexpot Lee Hyori, who first debuted as a member of the questionably named girl group FinKL in May of 1998.

She talked about her career milestone in an interview with Kyung Hyang News. Regarding her status as a sex symbol:

“My body does have flaws — it’s not a hundred percent perfect. I wanted to withdraw from the ’sexy star’ image, but it became exaggerated. I can’t even go to the public saunas for fear that people would be disappointed at my body in real life. [Laughs]”

After trading on her sex kitten image for so long, Hyori looks on her impending thirties:

“From here on, I’d like to become the ‘nation’s friend’ through my acting. All this time, I hadn’t really felt rivalry for anyone, but I found that I was most envious when Jeon Do Yeon won the Best Actress award at Cannes last year. After that, I became determined to become an actor worthy of recognition.”

Plans for the future?

“I’ll continue making dance music. In the next five or six months, I’ll put out my third solo album. In the past, I’d used lots of instruments for a full sound and fast beats. In the third album, I go for an acoustic sound and the vocals are simple. For overseas markets, I don’t put a lot of weight on not speaking Japanese or English that well. In the past ten years I’ve been a singer for half the time and an MC for the other half, and acted a little. In the future, I want to split my time equally three ways. As in the past, I want to continue setting trends, and incorporate sports too. Recently I went to America and watched a basketball game, and it wasn’t just sports — it was a show. I also have a lot of desire to pursue acting. I want to tear down people’s biases that Hyori is only a leading star but choose movies and television dramas based on strong stories, and start as a supporting actor. I think a character brimming with energy would be just right.”


A day in the life of Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri will show a different side of her in Mnet’s show “OFF THE REC,” which starts airing on February 25 at 6 pm.

For the program, her house was filled with CCTV cameras to capture every movement she makes in 24 hours.

“At first, it was inconvenient but I eventually got accustomed to the cameras and forgot about them,” Hyo Ri laughingly said.


Lydia Sum Tin-ha dies at 60

RENOWNED Hong Kong actress and comedian Lydia Sum Tin-ha died of liver cancer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital early this morning. She was 60.

In September, Sum, fondly known as Fei Fei, was admitted to hospital for a cholelithotomy to have 32 gallstones extracted. Then, she was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and gallbladder.

Doctors at the hospital removed a 2.7-kilogram tumor after an eight-hour long operation and, since then, she has been in and out of hospital.

Sum leaves behind her 20-year-old daughter Joyce Cheng Yan-yee.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang mourned Sum's death.

Born in Shanghai in 1947, Sum started acting when she was 13 and soon became popular despite being overweight because of her good spirit, comedy talent and enormous energy.

With her signature wing-tip frame coke bottle glasses and big hair, she stood out as one of the most endearing and recognizable entertainment icons in Hong Kong, where she remained popular for nearly five decades.

She acted in more than 100 movies in Hong Kong and hosted more than 5,000 episodes of variety shows. Her credits also include a starring role in the Singaporean English-language sit-com "Living with Lydia."

She was the first wife of Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng Siu Chau and the couple broke up in 1988, just one year after their daughter was born.

After the divorce, she returned to films and television and had been co-host of the Hong King Film Award ceremonies for several years while also performing in TV shows.


awwww, this is indeed one sad news. I always watch her drama and movie and show when i was still a kid. She is a great comedian. I love her so much She will always be remember by everyone. R.I.P Lydia.

Former Miss Korea runner up is the next big-time star?!?

On the heels of JYP's new artist Joo, Sun Ha, represented by Fin.K.L.'s former management DSP, looks like she'll be making major musical waves. In her recent debut track, "Chanty Chanty," Sun Ha shows off flutter-resembling moves and a hair-twirling, madwoman dance. Being 171 centimeters tall and with a lean former- Miss Korea figure, Sun Ha is known to be able to sing and dance as well. Already called the second Lee Hyo-lee, fan expectation in her is high.

Sunha-Chanty Chanty mv

Video Credit: orienkorean

DBSK on being mature!!!

“Through our Japanese debut, it was possible for not only our music but also ourselves to mature,” TVXQ said during an interview the group had for the segment “The Interview” of OBS “Show Report, Movie Report.

“We topped Japan after our third year. At first, we’re very insecure but as we accepted the local culture, we’re able to touch different world views. In that process, we matured,” TVXQ said.

The group also shared its experiences when they were still relatively unknown in the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, the group has a huge tarpaulin at the Shibuya Plaza.

“Before, we used to walk in the streets wearing training clothes but because a lot of people have recently become aware of us, we wear more presentable clothes as much as possible.

“During our debut, we just sang in front of 50 people but now, we perform in arenas that hold thousands of people. What we are today is a product of a process,” TVXQ recounted.

TVXQ’s “The Interview” episodes will be broadcast on February 23 and March 1.


Actress Kim Jung-hwa to Star in KBS 2TV's 4-Part Drama Series

KBS 2TV has produced a unique drama in which four short one-act dramas come together under one common theme. Actress Kim Jung-hwa will take on the role of the heroine of the four different love stories.

The drama, entitled 'Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret' will be aired from April 12 to May 3. The drama is made up of four different kinds of love the heroine goes through. Each love story is a one-act drama in the four-part series.

Management company Sidus HQ said Kim will star in the drama as In-ah, who goes through a fairytale first love in her 20s and goes on to experience different kinds of love in her 30s and beyond. Each love story will be portrayed in different genres, including melodrama, romantic comedy and human drama.


Big Bang,Marie Claire!!!

BIG BANG will be gracing the pages of Marie Claire’s March issue.

The members of the popular group were photographed like professional models wearing luxury clothes in a shoot that had a free concept. Their pictures were praised for they were able to channel explosive charisma through the camera and make one feel the music.

On the other hand, BIG BANG, aside from doing group activities, is also busy with solo projects. T.O.P. is continuing his acting venture while Taeyang is getting ready for his solo album, which will be out in April, and G-dragon made a new song that will be released soon.

Big Bang - NII Qualified CF(One of Big Bang's CF)

Video Credit:

Gosh, can't wait for the cf..they're soooooo deym HOT!!!!

High fees postpone Shinhwa's Apr concert in Japan

Shinhwa's last concert in Japan before their army enlistment, which was scheduled to be held in April, has hit a snag. This is apparently due to problems with the local concert organizer UDO Artists Inc.

Last December, Shinhwa met their Japanese fans in a concert that brought them to Nagoya and Tokyo. Due to the overwhelming support and requests for an encore concert, there were plans to hold their last concert before enlistment at Budokan in April this year. However, the local concert organizer UDO went on to quote excessively high production fees, bringing the project to a halt.

OpenWorld Entertainment, which is in charge of Shinhwa's overseas performances, expressed that during negotiations with UDO for last December's concerts, an agreement was already reached with regards to production fees. However after the concert, UDO went on to include additional costs and fees that exceeded the original amount that was agreed upon. Thus before these issues are resolved, the April concert will be postponed until further notice.

In addition, to resolve the problem, OpenWorld will be working with their local accounting firm and seeking legal advice.

A source from OpenWorld said, "Because of unforeseen circumstances, Shinhwa fans have unfortunately become the victims, we sincerely apologize for this. As this happened after the last concert and we need to resolve the outstanding issues, so we seek everyone's understanding in this matter."


Skinny Park Hwayobi?!?

Park Hwayobi is showing off her newfound slimmer body in a picture she recently posted in her homepage. The singer lost 6kg after an operation to remove a cyst in her vocal cord in September 2007.

In the said picture, Hwayobi is wearing a bikini and it is very obvious that her face and waist are slimmer and her breasts are hard to miss.

According to Park Hwayobi’s label, the singer is currently preparing for her comeback in March.

“She will meet her fans with a healthy voice and body,” Hwayobi’s label announced.

Hwayobi lost weight news

Xman-Hwayobi, the Queen of Dangyunhaji(Before Hwayobi did the surgery)


Video Credits: crazsri&coolsmurf@youtube

awww, personally i think Hwayobi looks WAY prettier before she did the surgery..Her personality is always bubbly and cheerful and it really suits her chubby appearance..And now she looks soooo skinny like the anorexic ppl..It looks scary in a way..well, it's too late to turn back time now, just hope for her to be happy with the decision she chose..

Rain Won 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award!!!

The famous Korean pop star, Rain, will receive his award on February 19 where the award ceremony will be held in the Grand Ballroom of Grand InterContinental Hotel. Rain will also perform during the award ceremony.

Also joining the event will be last year’s awardee, maestro Chung Myung-Hyun, who will perform with violinist Dennis Kim, cellist Song Young Hoon and violist Hung Wei Huang.

“Rain will receive the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award in recognition of his contribution in promoting a positive image of Korea through his music and acting,” the Corea Image Communication Institute announced last Monday.

Corea Image Communication Institute is a non-profit organization who is responsible and dedicate to promoting Korea internationally.


SS501 finishes concert in China

SS501’s first solo concert entitled “SS501 1st” in China last February 17 at the Shanghai Grand Stage was a success and was attended by approximately 3,000 fans from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

During the concert, which lasted for 2 hours, SS501 sang a total of 20 songs that include “Unlock,” “Warning,” “Passion,” and “My Destiny” and “A Song I Sing For You,” which were sung for the first time and included in a new single album that will be released this March.

The group expressed its happiness for being able to be with its fans and also promised better performances in the future.

“We’re happy to meet our fans in this great concert. This is our first concert in China and although we’re still lacking, we’ll do better in the future,” SS501 said.

SS501 returns to Korea on the 18th.


DBSK and Super Junior conquer Thailand's V Chart!!!

Groups DBSK and Super Junior have stolen the top two spots on a conclusive 2007 chart by Thailand's Channel V. DBSK was chosen as the group with the most number ones on the international chart in 2007. Super Junior's "Happiness" ranked 1st in the category of most requested songs last year. This is the second straight year both groups are enjoying such honors, outshining world star Avril Lavigne. The two groups prove they are unstoppable indeed.

DBSK and Suju-show me your love mv

Video Credit: yumechan310@youtube

Paran makes 3rd album in a global style!

The 5-guy group Paran is in the process of creating an album custom-made for Asian fans. Popular in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and other countries, Paran plans to release its 3rd full-length album in March. It will be produced in a global style and fully supported by U-main, which worked on N'Sync's music, as well as Japan's Johnny's Productions. The group also plans to shoot several music videos to correspond with each country, filming in Thailand, Japan and other locations.


Junjin to release 2nd single album

It was announced yesterday by Junjin’s label that the Shinhwa member’s 2nd single album is planned to be released in March. Moreover, it was also revealed that 70% of the album has already been done and unlike Junjin’s previous single album, which had a ballad feel to it, will have a dance style.

Junjin’s activities for his new single album will not coincide with Shinhwa’s activities for its 9th album, which is also scheduled for a release in March.

This coming April, a special camp with his Japanese fans will be held.

Junjin-Love won't come mv(one of my fav song from junjin)

Vedio Credit: Stephanieajy@youtube

oooo, i can't wait, i'm a HUGE fan of junjin..he's one of the coolest and hottest dancer ever..

Are Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook an item?!?

One dimensional actress, Lee Dahae is strongly denying rumors that she and her My Girl co-star, Lee Dong Wook are dating.

Speculation that this on-screen couple is an item has been going on for years and the latest rumors are based on their matching hats and key chains. Korean Netizen Investigators believe that those are enough to prove that they are an item, but management companies explained that they were just PPL (product placements) for My Girl promotions.

Do you think Lee Dahae and Lee Dong Wook are an item? Or do you want them to be an item to re-live your favorite My Girl days?


awww, i would LOVE to see them together..they look sooooo cute as a couple..:D

Micky's Runaway/My girlfriend got a spot on music station!!!

The song purple line by DBSK has got 1st on oricon and on music station chart and now Micky Yoochun's single, Runaway/My girlfriend is doing great and manage to get a spot on the chart..

Video Credit: mikolovesanime@youtube

Odagiri, Kashii register marriage on birthday!!!

Actor Joe Odagiri and actress Yu Kashii reportedly registered their marriage on Saturday, February 16. The date was chosen partly because their birthdays both fall on that day, but also because it fit best into Odagiri's busy schedule. He is starring in three overseas films this year, which are taking him out of the country for more than half of 2008.

The pair announced their engagement at the end of last year. In January, Odagiri began filming in Korea for Kim Ki-duk's "Bi-mong," which wrapped up in time for him to make an appearance at the Japan Academy Awards ceremony on Friday.

Next month, Odagiri is headed to Brazil for about two months. He has been cast in the China-Brazil-Japan collaboration "Plastic City," which is being directed by Yu Lik Wai and produced by Jia Zhangke.

Then in the summer, Odagiri will be in China for three to four months for a film produced by Bill Kong, based on a short story named "Rousaiki" by author Yasushi Inoue.

Odagiri and Kashii have not yet started living together, nor have they scheduled a wedding ceremony.

Credit: tokyograph

awww, that's sooo sweet..they get married on their birthday..that day must be their MOST important day ever..i really like her in yukan club..congrats to both of them..

Yunho's preview of Close to you!!!

The title explain everything..:D..i'm loving yunho's sounds catchy..LOVE it..I personally prefer his song out of all the preview from the other members that has come out..

Video Credit: AlekofHo@youtube

So hee is on the row!!!

So hee(Wonder girls) is becoming famous each day. Not long ago, Heechul(Super Junior) admits on a show called sang sang plus that he has a liking towards the dumpling-lookalike girl. Just recently Eric(Shinhwa) also admits he has a liking towards the same girl. He also admits that So hee is his favorite junior singer. Eric also praise Wonder Girls and said he really like Wg's song Tell me. He also added that he thinks that So hee is very cute.

Kim Heechul talks about So hee

Video Credit: Coolsmurf@youtube

Ye Eun's study tips?!?

Ye Eun(Wonder Girls) was recently admitted to Kyunghee University based on her excellent examination result. At high school examinations, Ye Eun was No.1 in languages and she get 2nd or 3rd for other subjects. Someone did an interview with Ye Eun through email to dig her secret behind her success.

Ye Eun: I often miss lessons because WG's schedule are really hectic. I can only rely on textbooks and exercise books which I bought myself for revision. Before taking a tests, I would read tips given by teachers and do mock papers at least five times. When I am not reading textbooks, I would be reading novels or bibliographies.

About 100 days before the exams, I would start buying some assessment papers to practice. I think it’s even better than practising several assessment papers because I can then understand it better. I think high level papers are too hard and I would soon be bored of them so I bought middle level ones and I think that was the right decision.

Doing a book over and over again is boring, so Ye Eun found a good way to overcome this which is by writing notes.

Ye Eun: When you write notes, you can do the same exercise 3 times in different ways and by then, you will understand the exercise completely.

Ye Eun also reads newspaper. Even if she hasn’t got alot of time, she would at least read the economic parts or some other related stuff. So she won’t be shocked if topics about current affairs apppears in a test.

Ye Eun: I hope that after entering university, I can study & perform at the same time. I want to break the traditional myth that ‘performers can’t study well’.


woah, she's soooo busy but still manage to balance her study and her hectic schedule..and to top it all, she gets really good, wish i can be like

Ye Eun's study tips?!?

Ye Eun(Wonder Girls) was recently admitted to Kyunghee University based on her excellent examination result. At high school examinations, Ye Eun was No.1 in languages and she get 2nd or 3rd for other subjects. Someone did an interview with Ye Eun through email to dig her secret behind her success.

Ye Eun: I often miss lessons because WG's schedule are really hectic. I can only rely on textbooks and exercise books which I bought myself for revision. Before taking a tests, I would read tips given by teachers and do mock papers at least five times. When I am not reading textbooks, I would be reading novels or bibliographies.

About 100 days before the exams, I would start buying some assessment papers to practice. I think it’s even better than practising several assessment papers because I can then understand it better. I think high level papers are too hard and I would soon be bored of them so I bought middle level ones and I think that was the right decision.

Doing a book over and over again is boring, so Ye Eun found a good way to overcome this which is by writing notes.

Ye Eun: When you write notes, you can do the same exercise 3 times in different ways and by then, you will understand the exercise completely.

Ye Eun also reads newspaper. Even if she hasn’t got alot of time, she would at least read the economic parts or some other related stuff. So she won’t be shocked if topics about current affairs apppears in a test.

Ye Eun: I hope that after entering university, I can study & perform at the same time. I want to break the traditional myth that ‘performers can’t study well’.


woah, she's soooo busy but still manage to balance her study and her hectic schedule..and to top it all, she gets really good, wish i can be like

Valentine Special ft. SNSD+Siwon!!!

At the end SNSD were singing S.E.S song, i'm your girl..They did a great Siwon looks hot with the black tux on..

Video Credit: lotusmj

Korean's vote to celebrate their valentine with?!?

A Korean matchmaking company published the result of a survey by 523 single participants (240 are males and 283 are females). The purpose of the survey was to find out "Who is the one person you would like to spend Valentine day with?". The survey started on January 28 through February 10, 2008 on this company's web site.

Listed below are the results of this survey (top to bottom)

On Actors side:
1. Jo In Sung
2. Gong Yoo
3. Kang Ji Hwan
4. Lee Seo Jin
1. Son Ye Jin
2. Kim Tae Hee
3. Lee Soo Kyung


SG Wannabe to Sing Japanese Film Title Song

The hit group SG Wannabe, which has also debuted in Japan, will sing the theme song for the Japanese film "Hanakage (Flower Shadow)" starring Korean actor Kim Rae-won in the lead role

The film, to open next month, is directed by Gawai Hayato, known for "Bayside Shakedown." Japanese actress Mirai Yamamoto will play opposite Kim.

SG Wannabe, active in both Korea and Japan, was asked to record the title song because the story of the romantic film takes place in both countries. The title song is SG Wannabe's hit 'Arirang.'

Ahead of releasing their original debut album 'I love SG Wannabe' on March 19, the group will hold special events for album buyers and begin earnest activities in Japan.


Kim Jung-hoon Releases Single Album in Japan!!!

Actor/singer Kim Jung-hoon will resume his singing career by releasing his fourth single album entitled "Tears" in Japan on Feb. 20.

The album contains three tracks, two cheerful ones befitting the atmosphere of the spring and a melancholy one.

Kim will hold an event in Tokyo on Feb. 27 to mark the release of the album. On March 1, he will hold two fan meetings and high-touch events in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Kim drew attention for his excellent acting skills in the TV drama "Princess Hours" and in October last year released the album "Eternity." He also successfully held his first solo concert tour in Japan, which covered Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo and which brought him wider recognition as an artist.

After releasing his fourth single album and holding fan meetings in Japan, Kim will finally return to Korea.

Kim Jung-hoon-sad story mv(one of his japanese song)

Video Credit: 333baobao@youtube

1st anniversary memorial service for Jeong Da-bin

The first-anniversary memorial service for Jeong Da-bin, who comitted suicide last year, was done on the 10th which is the day she died. The service is going to be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in An-sung Utopia memorial service center.

The spokesman from the center informed, "Her family and fans will be attending the service, as well as 10 of her close colleagues of hers and some representative from her agency".

Jeong Da-bin's body was found hanged in her boyfriend's(actor: Kang Hee) bathroom on 10th February last year.

Picture Credit:

Jeong Da-bin is such an amazing actress. I really enjoy watching her in He was cool and My 19 years old sister in law. It's a loss to the industry to lose such a great actress. RIP to Jeong Da-bin.

Moon Hee Jun being accused!!!

On SBS variety show "Good Sunday: Find Mr. Kim," Moon Hee Jun confessed that since the day he joined the army, until the day that he was discharged, he had a very rough time.

"I never received any type of special treatment while in the military," the ex H.O.T member said. "Hearing those false accusations just hurt me and made my life in the army even harder to deal with."

The singer then revealed that at the time of his entrance, he was not in the best medical condition. "Ignoring my mother's request to postpone my entrance into the military, I still went forward and joined."

Special guests appearing on the show, and audience members gave the 30-year-old a round of applause.

Moon joined the army in November of 2006 and was released on November 20, 2007. The episode of "Good Sunday: Find Mr. Kim" will air on February 17, 2008 at 5:20pm.


awww, poor Moon Hee Jun. He even went to the military even though he's not in a good condition but the ignorant people out there still accused him for getting a special treatment.

Moon Hee Jun HWAITING!!!