Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Since DBSK return home to Korea, they had participate many Korean tv show. It makes all the fan happy, including ME.:D. Though I'm not living in Korea I personally love it better when DBSK in Korea because there'll be more update about the boys there and even more appearance of them on Korean show which i LOVE so much.:D

DBSK-Line Up 1/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 2/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 3/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 4/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 5/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 6/7(ENG SUB)

DBSK-Line Up 7/7(ENG SUB)

Video Credit: ginaya@youtube

I really thankful at ginaya for making the subs. DBSK looks soooo cute in the show. I LOVE them so much.:D

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