Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SG Wannabe to Sing Japanese Film Title Song

The hit group SG Wannabe, which has also debuted in Japan, will sing the theme song for the Japanese film "Hanakage (Flower Shadow)" starring Korean actor Kim Rae-won in the lead role

The film, to open next month, is directed by Gawai Hayato, known for "Bayside Shakedown." Japanese actress Mirai Yamamoto will play opposite Kim.

SG Wannabe, active in both Korea and Japan, was asked to record the title song because the story of the romantic film takes place in both countries. The title song is SG Wannabe's hit 'Arirang.'

Ahead of releasing their original debut album 'I love SG Wannabe' on March 19, the group will hold special events for album buyers and begin earnest activities in Japan.


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