Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hong Gil Dong OST

Hong Gil Dong OST-if

Video Credit: Smarie7

This beautiful song was sing by a great singer, Taeyeon from the group SNSD. I have post the same song here in this blog because i LOVE it, but before it was a fanmade video but now i just realize actually she sings this song for the drama Hong Gil Dong. LOVE the song and LOVE the drama. Taeyeon's voice really suits the song. The song make the drama even more lovable and one of my friend even said that just by listening to the song can even make me people cry because it sOOo sweet yet sOOo sad at the same time and I can't agree more. We even agree that Taeyeon can/should go solo because she will shine even more if she is solo. Overall, I totally LOVE the song!!!

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