Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Bang as a cartoon?!?

To further encourage prepubescent schoolgirls daydreaming of their Big Bang oppas during class, YG Entertainment released school supplies plastered with cartoon replicas of the teen heartthrobs.

YG Entertainment commissioned a character designer to create these Big Bang counterparts dubbed “Bangs.” The Bangs boys were also given cuter names to coincide with their caricature images, Tabi (T.O.P.), Tori (Seung Ri), Ssoong Yi (Dae Sung), Be Be (Tae Yang), and Jing Yo (G-Dragon) and the “B-School Set” was released yesterday at moonbangoos (stationary stores) everywhere.

School supplies are just the first in what we suspect will be a many-pronged marketing operation. And YG Entertainment confirmed its intent to continue Bangs character products, following SM’s lead in commercializing his artists for what they are worth.


ahhhh, i really want to have Big Bang's cartoon character..they're shoooo cute..but it's quite expensive..GAH, I REALLY WANT IT!!!

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