Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Byul releases BEST album!!!

Singer Byul has released a collection of her hit songs entitled 'The Best.'

Byul debuted in October 2002 with her first album entitled 'December 23rd.' Since then, she has released four studio albums and two single albums featuring hit songs such as 'How Are You,' 'I Think I' and 'Tears.'

The title song of her best album is entitled 'A Glass' which was written by Hwang Chan-hee who is well-known for having composed other hit songs in the past such as 'Password 486,' performed by Yun Ha.

Also included in the album is a duet with Rain entitled 'How I Love You,' 'Feeling Good Today' featuring MC Mong and a duet with Na Yun-kwon entitled 'How Are You.'

The album also features yet undisclosed photos of the singer as well as music videos.

Byul-I think I mv (Full House OST)


Video Credit: sweetiegenie @ youtube

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