Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Skinny Park Hwayobi?!?

Park Hwayobi is showing off her newfound slimmer body in a picture she recently posted in her homepage. The singer lost 6kg after an operation to remove a cyst in her vocal cord in September 2007.

In the said picture, Hwayobi is wearing a bikini and it is very obvious that her face and waist are slimmer and her breasts are hard to miss.

According to Park Hwayobi’s label, the singer is currently preparing for her comeback in March.

“She will meet her fans with a healthy voice and body,” Hwayobi’s label announced.

Hwayobi lost weight news

Xman-Hwayobi, the Queen of Dangyunhaji(Before Hwayobi did the surgery)


Video Credits: crazsri&coolsmurf@youtube

awww, personally i think Hwayobi looks WAY prettier before she did the surgery..Her personality is always bubbly and cheerful and it really suits her chubby appearance..And now she looks soooo skinny like the anorexic ppl..It looks scary in a way..well, it's too late to turn back time now, just hope for her to be happy with the decision she chose..

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