Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonder Girls meet Matthew Fox

The recent news that Wonder Girls had met “Lost” television series star, Matthew Fox in America has become a hot topic of discussion in Korea.

On 20th February, Wonder Girls together with their producer/boss, Park Jin Young attended the New York Premiere of Hollywood movie, “Vantage Point”. According to a JYPE spokesperson, Wonder Girls got to meet “Lost” star, Matthew Fox after finishing watching the movie. Matthew Fox who is one of the main characters in the movie, “Vantage Point”, came to prominence in his role as Jack in the television series, “Lost” and is extremely popular in America.

The meeting was arranged by Park Jin Young who knew Matthew Fox very well during his time in America. Wonder Girls expressed, “Our eyes never left the screen, we were all totally immersed into the concise plot and fast-paced storyline. We are very happy to have watched the movie first before it’s shown around the world. This New York trip has been really meaningful thus far.”

They added, “We really like Matthew Fox and are very happy to see him in person”, as the joy on their faces said it all. Matthew Fox even hummed Wonder Girls hit song, “Tell Me” making it a very enjoyable atmosphere for all.


WHAT?!?even matthew fox knew WG's song "tell me"..dang, wonder girls are famous after all..

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