Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Even sex symbols can be self-conscious

Another celebrity with an upcoming ten-year anniversary is pop singer, widely renounced actress, and all-around sexpot Lee Hyori, who first debuted as a member of the questionably named girl group FinKL in May of 1998.

She talked about her career milestone in an interview with Kyung Hyang News. Regarding her status as a sex symbol:

“My body does have flaws — it’s not a hundred percent perfect. I wanted to withdraw from the ’sexy star’ image, but it became exaggerated. I can’t even go to the public saunas for fear that people would be disappointed at my body in real life. [Laughs]”

After trading on her sex kitten image for so long, Hyori looks on her impending thirties:

“From here on, I’d like to become the ‘nation’s friend’ through my acting. All this time, I hadn’t really felt rivalry for anyone, but I found that I was most envious when Jeon Do Yeon won the Best Actress award at Cannes last year. After that, I became determined to become an actor worthy of recognition.”

Plans for the future?

“I’ll continue making dance music. In the next five or six months, I’ll put out my third solo album. In the past, I’d used lots of instruments for a full sound and fast beats. In the third album, I go for an acoustic sound and the vocals are simple. For overseas markets, I don’t put a lot of weight on not speaking Japanese or English that well. In the past ten years I’ve been a singer for half the time and an MC for the other half, and acted a little. In the future, I want to split my time equally three ways. As in the past, I want to continue setting trends, and incorporate sports too. Recently I went to America and watched a basketball game, and it wasn’t just sports — it was a show. I also have a lot of desire to pursue acting. I want to tear down people’s biases that Hyori is only a leading star but choose movies and television dramas based on strong stories, and start as a supporting actor. I think a character brimming with energy would be just right.”


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