Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1st anniversary memorial service for Jeong Da-bin

The first-anniversary memorial service for Jeong Da-bin, who comitted suicide last year, was done on the 10th which is the day she died. The service is going to be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in An-sung Utopia memorial service center.

The spokesman from the center informed, "Her family and fans will be attending the service, as well as 10 of her close colleagues of hers and some representative from her agency".

Jeong Da-bin's body was found hanged in her boyfriend's(actor: Kang Hee) bathroom on 10th February last year.

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Jeong Da-bin is such an amazing actress. I really enjoy watching her in He was cool and My 19 years old sister in law. It's a loss to the industry to lose such a great actress. RIP to Jeong Da-bin.


Anonymous said...

just feel sad that she's no longer around. so young and talented actress. I love her acting in Attic Cat, Sis in law 19.

I didnt buy her last drama, thinking that there will be new shows coming up (with her as lead roles). Unfortunately, she choose a shortcut. Really heartache thinking of her and seeing her pics. I havent watch her drama anymore. I leave them in the drawer. I'm not sure if I will cry when I see her again.

THe moving images of her are there, the lively DaBin is there on tv......... but its sad to know that she's actually no longer around in the world.

-LadyFan of DaBin

Eastern Lovers said...

Aww, I know exactly what you're saying. I am her fan too. I especially LOVE her in my 19 years old sister in law and he was cool. And now I don't think I will feel the same way when I watch her acting again.