Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Junjin to release 2nd single album

It was announced yesterday by Junjin’s label that the Shinhwa member’s 2nd single album is planned to be released in March. Moreover, it was also revealed that 70% of the album has already been done and unlike Junjin’s previous single album, which had a ballad feel to it, will have a dance style.

Junjin’s activities for his new single album will not coincide with Shinhwa’s activities for its 9th album, which is also scheduled for a release in March.

This coming April, a special camp with his Japanese fans will be held.

Junjin-Love won't come mv(one of my fav song from junjin)

Vedio Credit: Stephanieajy@youtube

oooo, i can't wait, i'm a HUGE fan of junjin..he's one of the coolest and hottest dancer ever..

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