Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lydia Sum Tin-ha dies at 60

RENOWNED Hong Kong actress and comedian Lydia Sum Tin-ha died of liver cancer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital early this morning. She was 60.

In September, Sum, fondly known as Fei Fei, was admitted to hospital for a cholelithotomy to have 32 gallstones extracted. Then, she was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and gallbladder.

Doctors at the hospital removed a 2.7-kilogram tumor after an eight-hour long operation and, since then, she has been in and out of hospital.

Sum leaves behind her 20-year-old daughter Joyce Cheng Yan-yee.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang mourned Sum's death.

Born in Shanghai in 1947, Sum started acting when she was 13 and soon became popular despite being overweight because of her good spirit, comedy talent and enormous energy.

With her signature wing-tip frame coke bottle glasses and big hair, she stood out as one of the most endearing and recognizable entertainment icons in Hong Kong, where she remained popular for nearly five decades.

She acted in more than 100 movies in Hong Kong and hosted more than 5,000 episodes of variety shows. Her credits also include a starring role in the Singaporean English-language sit-com "Living with Lydia."

She was the first wife of Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng Siu Chau and the couple broke up in 1988, just one year after their daughter was born.

After the divorce, she returned to films and television and had been co-host of the Hong King Film Award ceremonies for several years while also performing in TV shows.


awwww, this is indeed one sad news. I always watch her drama and movie and show when i was still a kid. She is a great comedian. I love her so much She will always be remember by everyone. R.I.P Lydia.

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