Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ye Eun's study tips?!?

Ye Eun(Wonder Girls) was recently admitted to Kyunghee University based on her excellent examination result. At high school examinations, Ye Eun was No.1 in languages and she get 2nd or 3rd for other subjects. Someone did an interview with Ye Eun through email to dig her secret behind her success.

Ye Eun: I often miss lessons because WG's schedule are really hectic. I can only rely on textbooks and exercise books which I bought myself for revision. Before taking a tests, I would read tips given by teachers and do mock papers at least five times. When I am not reading textbooks, I would be reading novels or bibliographies.

About 100 days before the exams, I would start buying some assessment papers to practice. I think it’s even better than practising several assessment papers because I can then understand it better. I think high level papers are too hard and I would soon be bored of them so I bought middle level ones and I think that was the right decision.

Doing a book over and over again is boring, so Ye Eun found a good way to overcome this which is by writing notes.

Ye Eun: When you write notes, you can do the same exercise 3 times in different ways and by then, you will understand the exercise completely.

Ye Eun also reads newspaper. Even if she hasn’t got alot of time, she would at least read the economic parts or some other related stuff. So she won’t be shocked if topics about current affairs apppears in a test.

Ye Eun: I hope that after entering university, I can study & perform at the same time. I want to break the traditional myth that ‘performers can’t study well’.


woah, she's soooo busy but still manage to balance her study and her hectic schedule..and to top it all, she gets really good, wish i can be like

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