Monday, March 31, 2008

Ft Island concert was cancelled in Malaysia...why???

Fans are disappointed by the sudden cancellation of Ft Island concert. They were told about the cancellation on the day of the concert and some of them had arrived at the venue when they were told about the cancellation. Fans were not only left with heart broken and frustration but there's also no good explanation why the concert was canceled. Only the day after the cancellation of the concert that CI-entertainment gave out a respond on the matter.

CI-Entertainment's respond:
Dear FT Island fans, worried parents, sponsors, invited guests, members of the media and all the other parties involved or affected in/by FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia 2008.

We would like to apologise for the cancellation of FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia on March 30th 2008. The concert did not continue due to management decision at the very last minute and we would like to apologise for all the inconveniences caused.

We understand that the fans have placed their hopes to watch the concert and all of us are saddened by this decision as well.

Refund for the purchased tickets shall start on Sunday, April 5th and details for procedures, venue and time shall be disclosed on Thursday.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as the international fan communities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.

- End -

Korean media article:
"It was shocking because the situation wasn't fit for performing."

At the unexpected cancellation of FT Island's First Live in Malaysia, the fans there have broke into protest.

FT Island, who had left for Malaysia on 27 to stay until the 31st, was scheduled to perform live at the huge resort Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. However, the sponsoring agency CI Ent announced the cancellation of the concert and due to the lack of proper announcement, it led to protest by many fans who arrived at the amphitheatre.

According to Malaysia's brother newspaper Korea Phrase, "CI Ent announced the cancellation of the concert at the fan meeting, the day prior. And on the concert day, they only hung the cancellation sign on the main entrance but did not take necessary actions for fans. Therefore, numerous fans who had arrived at the amphitheatre at 6pm did not return home right away but demanded to see the concert."

In addition "among fans, there were those who had come via concert tour package from countries such as Singapore and Thailand." When fan's protest occured, CI Ent sent a spokesperson at 8:30 pm to announce to the fans that "the concert has been canceled due to urgent conflicts." However, he refused to explain in details or mention anything about ticket refunds, compensation for fans and possibility of later concert date.

To this issue, FT Island's party could not hide their disappointment.
F&C explained "The concert being canceled the day before does not make any sense. On the day of the concert, our staff visited the amphitheatre and was left speechless. They had nothing prepared to set up special stage effects, videos, instruments...etc. This was why we had pushed the rehearsal date to the day of the concert in first place."

F&C also added "FT Island was waiting at the hotel for the rehearsal. However, our staff concluded that it was just impossible to perform. We had trusted CI-Ent based on our previous workings with them. This makes us feel so angry. Even though FT Island was guaranteed only 20~30%, we had planned to perform as long as things were ready."

One Korean concert representative said "The main reason our artists' concert get canceled is due to the lack of information that lead us to sign the deal with immature concert agency. Who will compensate for the fans who have traveled from other countries to see the artists? In the end, this brings shame upon the Korean wave and it is the artists themselves who suffer the most."

Credit: Younhap News + 1takeKK@loveft-i (translation), arustyxglove@Ft.island.soompi.thread &

From here we can even see who's the one to blame and it's definitely not the Ft.Island boys. CI-entertainment is just too unprofessional. This sucked so bad. Ft.Island boys will left with bad impression on Malaysia. I hope they will still be willing to come visit Malaysia in the future. Ft.Island, we LOVE you guys soooo much, please come visit Malaysia again.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Super Junior at China Airport = disaster

Super Junior Members recently attended the Olympic event in Beijing.

In the picture, you can see the fans attacking coming to hold their idols while Super Junior tries to leave the airport. In the end, the guys were released safely but after a series of toss and turns by the girls there. Allegedly,except for Cho KyuHyun, the others were forced into the mob of fans by the girls.

Message from Chinese ELF (the one that didn't touch them) :

‘Who were the ones that said they had to protect our oppa’s?

When oppa’s are putting on a smile, do they feel heartbroken?

Don’t use your love as an excuse to hurt them!

Please, don’t embarass us Chinese ELFs’

Credit : Super Junior Bar @ Baidu +

SNSD Tiffany Confesses to SS501 HyunJoong

Tiffany confessed “I liked HyunJoong Oppa before debut”

Member Tiffany from SNSD confessed in a broadcasted program that she was SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s fan before she debut.

On the 22th, ‘Star Golden Bell’ broadcasted on KBS 2TV, SNSD & SS501 had a time for popularity vote between the 2 groups.

Results of the voting is that SS501’s Kim HyunJoong received the most votes from SNSD, and Tiffany shyly confessed that she “is Kim HyunJoong’s fan before debut”.

The hosts asked Tiffany, “How is it when you get to see him in person?” and Tiffany replied “He is handsome regardless in person or on screen. He is handsome in person too.” showing her shyness.

Credits : digital news +
English Translation : xiaochu @

awww, i like him soooo much too. He is soooooo freaking HOTTTT!!!She is sooo lucky to get to meet him in person..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

[PREVIEW] Tohoshinki - Beautiful You

Beautiful You(radio preview)

Video Credit: yops29@youtube

OMG, i can't wait for the full version. The preview sounds soooooo good. I'm loving it!!!

Tohoshinki for MASTER CARD!!!

Lucky for Japanese fans, they can put another collection of Tohoshinki's stuff by buying this Mastercard. It has 8 different kind of designs. To get this master card you have to apply it at


awww, those Japanese fans are soooo lucky. Wish, they will sell it in my country too. Would LOVE to have it.:D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SS501 - Deja Vu MV

This is a new MV from SS501.. I'm so glad they are back..
This song is AWSOME and also the MV..
Be sure 2 check it out!!!
Can't wait 2 hear more from them.. :D
Also, they all look smokin HOT especially Hyun Joong.. Hehehe.. *drool*

Vid Credit: S2bjoo @ youtube

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Last Friends" theme sung by Utada Hikaru

Hikaru Utada is providing the theme for the Fuji TV drama "Last Friends." Last year, her "Flavor of Life" was used as an insert song in "Hana Yori Dango 2," but this will be her first actual theme song for a drama series since the 2002 release "Sakura Drops."

The song is a medium-tempo ballad titled "Prisoner of Love." It is one of the tracks on her new album "HEART STATION" that goes on sale this week.

"Last Friends" stars Masami Nagasawa, Juri Ueno, Eita, Ryo Nishikido, and Asami Mizukawa. The first episode airs on April 10.

Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love [Last Friends CM]

Utada Hikaru - Prisover of Love

Video Credits: OneNewWorld&xjosephx504@youtube<----(you can download the song here..)

Korean drama Winter Sonata into anime?!?

The exhibitor notes at the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) 2008 website list a press stage event for the "Announcement of the Anime Production for the Winter Sonata (Fuyu no Sonata)" live-action drama series on March 28. The plans for an anime version were first revealed in December when the Korean media company Key East signed a memorandum of understanding with the Japanese entertainment company Total Promotion.

South Korea's KBS broadcasted the original hit drama series in 2002, and the 2004 Japanese broadcast triggered the ongoing "Korean wave" of pop culture in Japan. The drama follows two childhood friends — a boy and a girl — and the tragedy and angst that befalls them and those around them in the years between high school and young adulthood. As a result of the 2004 broadcast, the lead actor Bae Yong-Joon became a superstar among Japanese female viewers. (A third of the Key East company is owned by Bae.) The Japanese publisher Ohzora Publishing Co. eventually imported and translated the drama's manhwa adaptation (pictured at right) under the title Winter Love Song.


Woah, Winter Sonata into anime. I'm looking forward to it but i doubt it can surpass the drama. Winter Sonata is the best drama ever.:D

Kangta: DBSG are more excellent than H.O.T!!!

In an interview recently, male singer Kangta, ex-member of famous boyband HOT has been lavish with his praise for the same company junior boyband DBSK. He said that DBSK real talent had overcome HOT when HOT were famous.

Kangta is a singer directly under SM and also a major shareholder of SM. HOT band of Kangta debut on 1996, 8 years earlier than DBSGK. The appearance of HOT has raised a wave of establishing boyband in Kpop. And the appearance of DBSK in 2004 once again made Kpop create a trend of establishing idol boybands.

Kangta said "Famous band now such as Big Bang or DBSK are more excellent than us at that time. By comparing between DBSK and HOT at the same management company SM, we can realize the differences. For example, Junsu - the main vocalist of DBSK is much better than me at the old time. In addition, some people have doubts about their ability just because they have fame of an idol boyband; I think it's not fair".

Finally, Kangta has remembered about the old age of HOT "Now remembering that period, I feel that I’m dreaming. It’s a remarkable time. When people want to recall it, it feels like too far away.”


Sunday, March 16, 2008

G-Dragon ask Son Ga In out........not really..

Star Golden Bell Ep.176 pt.1

The rumor is out bcoz of the clip here, it started at 8:00 and so on..

There are new articles out clearing up this issue. People were confused b/c she sounded like she said, “No. No. …(softly) Ye…,” when the MCs asked her if it’s GD.

Ga-in announced that she meant to say “말씀드릴 수 없다” (mal soom du lil soo up dah) = “I can’t say.”
However, she was cut off by the MCs. Instead of saying what she wanted to, her words sounded like “맞습…” (maht soop) = “Ye…”

credit: melodygreenleaf@soompi
thanks for clearing that up melody.


The episode of KBS “Star Golden Bell” last March 15 created a lot of buzz among fans because of Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in’s revelation that a member of an idol group that was younger than her called her up and asked her for a date.

The MCs of the show asked her if this guy is from Super Junior but was later taken out of the picture because the members of the said group are older than Ga-in. Then they asked their next suspect.

“Is he from BIG BANG? Is he G-dragon?”

Apparently, the production staff of the show was confused with Ga-in’s answer to the question for the subtitle said “yes” when the Brown Eyed Girls member reasoned that it was not really what she meant when she was interviewed by Newsen on the 16th.

“It’s not true that G-dragon asked me out on a date. The subtitle “yes” (맞습..) was a misunderstanding. If you watch the show again, I didn’t say “yes” but said “I can’t say (말씀드릴 수 없다).” It just so happened that they have similar pronunciations but I certainly made clear during the show that it wasn’t G-dragon,” Ga-in explained.

Ga-in indeed said “no” when asked if it were G-dragon who asked her on a date.

Video Credit: vinchenzo79@youtube

Sun Mi 1st Day in High School=CHAOS!!!

13th March: First Day of High School @ Chungdam High School

On Sun Mi’s first day at High School, it was SO CRAZY THAT THREE WINDOWS FROM HER CLASS WERE SHATTERED BECAUSE OF PEOPLE CROWDING HER CLASSROOM. PPL WERE TRAMPLED, HALLWAYS BLOCKED, and even when school started, they didn’t leave. Every chance they get, they would go to her class, perhaps even disrupting her class in the process.

14th March: Sun Mi goes around classrooms to greet everyone

Sun Mi went to EACH CLASS to greet them and ask them not to come into her class so often because it was bothering her class & fellow students.

3 teachers, and I believe one principal was with her as she went around greeting them. They also gave the students 10 seconds of photo time

Sunmi dyed her hair black again because she wanted to follow the school regulations and act like what a normal student does.

Some real-life stories from students of Chungdam High School


Sun Mi came to school on 13th March. It was crazy as ppl crowded around the class, taking pictures, resulting in a sea of students as three of Sun Mi’s classroom windows broke, the door came off the hinges, and people wouldn’t leave even after the morning bell rang. So the teachers had to hassle with the students to get back to their classes as a result.

Chungdam High School, BARELY HAS ANY CELEBRITIES. MOST JUST TRANSFER TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL SUCH AS TAE YEON FROM SNSD & SUN YE FROM Wonder Girls. Due to the strict rules of Chungdam High School, and its restrictions on celebrities, it makes a celebrities’ life hard when trying to follow those rules. Thus, so many just transfer to a different school. BUT SUN MI said that she’d rather go to a normal school like everyone else, and so she isn’t going to transfer, but will follow the harsh rules instead.

Sun Mi didn’t want her presence to bother other students in her class, she thus went with three other teachers around the classrooms and greeted the classes one by one. She said that she didn’t want people to come to her room a lot because it will disturb the other students. She wished all the best for everyone.

What’s really weird is that the Teachers said for every class:

“Now, I’ll give you 10 seconds of picture time. Go!“

So some people took pictures while others took videos. She signed the blackboard, and was a bit shy/hesistant.

A lot of people said she was nice enough to smile for everyone as they took pictures of her. Chungdam High School is a co-ed school, which makes it worse.

So Hee As well..she goes to a different school, an all-girls school, but she too went around all the classes and greeted everyone. However, there are barely any photos of So Hee since the teachers didn’t let people take pictures, unlike Sun Mi’s school. Everyone said that they were nice and looked like dolls.


woah, that must be tough juz to study peacefully, well at least she won't be sleepy in the class with that many people

SS501 makes a comeback!!!

SS501 080313 Mnet Comeback

Song 1: Destiny
Song 2: A Song Calling for You
Song 3: Deja Vu

Credit: lovesub@youtube

haven't heard from them like sooooo long..i'm thankful that they're back..:D..SS501 HWAITING!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jaejoong's keyword #6 on oricon chart!!!

I knew jaejoong can be on the oricon. He's the best. Love his voice. Hope he can get the number one spot. Jaejoong Hwaiting!!!

Picture Credit:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jang Geun Suk, the cutie pie..:D

Jang Geun Suk has been picked as a car-racing event host for MBC ESPN's Go To eXtreme show. He professes to be a fan of the show, whose season 1 was emceedf by Ryu Shi Won and Yoon Jung Su. He sure is busy; after Hong Gil Dong ends, his movie Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do opens in April.

Trailer - Do re mi fa so la ti do

Jang Geun Suk cut in Heroine 6
Videos Credit: tuchee11&FlyAway87@youtube

I know, the 2nd video has nothing to do with the article whatsoever but i can't help it..Jang Geun suk looks freaking adorable and cute and charming and HOTTTTT in the vid..he is sooooo funny too especially the way his reaction when he looks at hye ryun, it's priceless..and i can't wait for his new movie to come looks good..guess, i'm going to do a LOT of spamming about Geun Suk from now on..LOL..what can i do..i LOVE him sOOo much right now..LOL..Jang Geun Suk syi~ SARANGHEYO!!!

Star Golden Bell!!!

Star Golden Bell Ep.172 - Who is her First Love? 1/3 (en)

Star Golden Bell Ep.172 - Who is her First Love? 2/3 (en)

Star Golden Bell Ep.172 - Who is her First Love? 3/3 (en)

This is sooooooo freaking funny, thanx 2 coolsmurf for subbing it..Well, the girl(detective..LOL) needs to guess who's the girl first love..she guess it right and i guess it right's hard but i got it and guess it yourself, it's fun..

Videos Credit: coolsmurf@youtube

TOP KISSed Sandara Park!!!

"I'm Sorry" MV - Gummy feat. TOP

Everyone was buzzing around about TOP kissing some chick in this video, so i was wondering how the video will turn out, will the kiss be passionate or something like that, but this video ended up sooooo sweet. It's actually a sad mv and they only kissed for like 2 seconds or somethin. i LOVE this video and TOP looks freaking HOTTT in it. Sandara is pretty too of course. They have this cool chemistry together BUT i want TOP for myself..LOL..*joking*

Video Credit: the7REAL@youtube

Heechul confess to So Hee.....again?!?

080303 Challenge 8vs1 - Heechul & his liking for So Hee (en)

Video Credit: coolsmurf@youtube

Eun Hye's collaboration heads to stardom!!!

As a promotional measure, looks like Yoon Eun Hye’s collaboration with brand-new pop/hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth was a smashing success.

They’ve shot up the music charts with “frightening speed” for a new artist, chasing #1 song “One More Time” (Jewelry) in the #2 spot on Nate’s Top 100.

Such is the power of Yoon Eun Hye.

I Love You official mv

Video Credit: jnccrs2@youtube

Big Bang for Baskin-Robbins

BIG BANG was selected as Baskin-Robbins new commercial model.

According to the ad agency in charge of the commercials, this year’s campaign for the ice cream brand focuses on showing the public the various experiences a Baskin-Robbins’ customer enjoys and that BIG BANG is going to show those experiences with music.

“The commercials will show something that have not yet been seen on television,” Mr. Sa Yong Min, part of the said ad agency in charge of the Baskin-Robbins commercials, said.

3 commercials are planned to be produced and will start airing on television and in the Internet in mid-March.


i will buy a LOTTTTT of baskin robbins's ice-cream just for Big Bang..LOL..

Monday, March 10, 2008

FT Island: 1st Live in Malaysia Greeting

This is sooo CUTE!! I just cant get enough of them..
And their english is CUTE 2.. ;)
Be sure to look out for the word "Apa khabar" and "Jumpa di sana".
This makes me even more excited to actually see them in Malaysia.
FT Island, I'll be waiting~
Hehehe.. Luv ya~

Vid credit: lovefti@youtube

Saturday, March 8, 2008

FT Island - One Word

This is is their latest song that has been released. Be sure 2 listen 2 it. It's really good. Fortunately, this song is actually produced for a drama which has already broadcast in Korea. So this song is the On Air OST.

For download, visit:


Sandara Park’s popularity rose among Netizens following news that BIG BANG member T.O.P. acted a kissing scene with her in Gummy’s “I'm sorry” music video.

Sandara Park started her showbiz career in the Philippines in 2004 through “Star Circle Quest” and finally came back to Korea in August 2007. Since then, she has been receiving acting trainings.

Earlier today, March 7, the keyword “Sandara Park” ranked 1st in Naver’s “real-time most searched” list followed by “Gummy I’m Sorry,” “Gummy,” “TOP,” and “TOP Kiss Scene,” respectively. In Daum’s “real-time news search” list, “TOP Kiss Scene” ranked 2nd while “Sandara Park” ranked 4th.

Because of the unexpected turn of events, YG Entertainment could not help but express its surprise and a hint on what is next to come for Sandara Park.

“We didn’t know that Sandara Park will be receiving this kind of hot reaction. She’ll soon officially debut as an actress in a drama. She left the Philippines for a career in Korea and that’s sad. But after establishing a strong base here, we’re planning on doing promotions in the Philippines.”

The “I’m Sorry” music video revolves around the story of T.O.P’s character getting through the sadness of Sandara’s character leaving him.


I want to be her so bad right now..she is sooooooo lucky..dang, TOP is like one of the hottest thing alive and she got to kiss lucky girl..LOL..

Friday, March 7, 2008

BIG BANG, 2nd Japanese mini album!!!

BIG BANG, who released its 1st Japanese mini album “For the World” in January, is planned to release its 2nd Japanese mini album in April. Like the first mini album, this new one will also have English tracks.

“BIG BANG is planned to release its 2nd Japanese mini album in April. The first mini album’s success exceeded our expectations that we think that this new one will also have a good feedback,” a YG Entertainment official commented.


Ahhhhhhhh, i can't wait for the mini album..i already buy For the World album and i'm LOVING IT!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

DBSK jokes,,

Yoochun was playing a computer game with a keyboard, one that requires a mouse, and didn't know why he was losing so much.
Then suddenly, Jaejoong comes in the room to find Yoochun playing one of his favorite games, but Jaejoong notices that Yoochun was losing
because he was playing it with the keyboard
So what did Jaejoong tell Yoochun?

Then Changmin comes into the room and starts to play the same game as Yoochun,
but he's playing it with the keyboard, also like Yoochun.
and Changmin didn't know why he was losing.
So what does Jaejoong tell Changmin?

Joke #1: Micky, mouse.

Joke #2: Minnie, mouse


Though some people might think this joke is lame but i still think it's funny and cute..:D

Yunho got #3 in Oricon chart!!!

I know he can do it. His song is one of the best song ever. Wish he can get no 1.:D

Picture Credit:

Big Bang Japan concert, sold out!!!

YG Entertainment announced on March 5 that tickets to BIG BANG’s “Global Warning Tour 2008″ on March 28 (7 pm) and 29 (6 pm) at the JCB Hall were sold-out and that the management decided to add another performance on the 29th at 2 pm.

Ticket sale for the added performance is currently open and already on its way to another sold-out event.


AAAA, I want to go to their concert 2..

Shinhwa and Fin K.L scandal?!?

Ok Joo Hyun made a surprise revelation during the recording of KBS “Happy Together,” wherein she mentioned that a member of Shinhwa wanted to meet up with a member of Fin. K.L.

“When the group just debuted, Fin.K.L was under strict management by our manager. At that time, a Shinhwa member called ‘wanting to meet up’ with one of the members. But before this took place, the rumor already spread and our manager confiscated our cellphones for 4 months, which caused a lot of hassles,” Ok Joo Hyun revealed.

The show’s MCs, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Shin Bong Sun and Park Mi Sun were surprised at the revelation and began speculating who among the members of both parties were involved in this “idol group scandal” but they were not successful in their attempt to know the people behind the story.

Shinhwa member Andy, who is also a guest in this episode, cleared his name and said “It’s not me” while Ok Joo Hyun said “I’m not going to tell who…"


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MORE Hong Gil Dong PLEASE!!!

No Brain-My Luck Is Great(Hong Gil Dong starting OST)

Drama Hong Gil Dong of KBS2 is one of the most favorite dramas at the moment.

Hong Gil Dong is the fourth work of famous two sister’s screenwriters Hong sisters and the castings are not a really well-known stars such as Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri and Jang Geun Suk. However, the drama has attracted viewers by the jocular intermix with dramatics situations, and classical intermix with modern.

Recently, many audiences have left messages on the official site of the drama that made the forum of this website overloaded. They requested the producer to make part 2 or prolong it for a few more episodes. Audiences didn't want to say goodbye with their favorite drama so soon like that.

Hong Gil Dong will be finish broadcasting on March 20.


Although they're not well-known before but i bet it's all already change when they started acting in Hong Gil Dong. They will be WELL-KNOWN from now on.

Yoon Eun Hye singing I LOVE YOU to?!?

The song I Love You of new boyband Mighty Mouse with the appearance of Yoon Eun Hye has just presented on March 3 that received good feedbacks from audiences.

In the song, there's a section wrote "In my heart is full of your silhouette, my smile more and more like you. You made me know how beautiful this world was". The lyric is very suitable with Valentine's Holiday atmosphere (Korea). Therefore, it has been downloaded right after it came out. Especially, many audiences are curious about how Yoon Eun Hye's voice after 3 years leaving her musical interest.

Yoon Eun Hye performed her sweet voice through the title track I Love You in the single album of Mighty Mouse. After became an actress, Yoon Eun Hye has said that she didn't have the intention to come back to sing and just want to concentrate on acting. The artist and singer Lee Hyun Doo himself has persuade Yoon Eun Hye to co-operate in the song I Love You. Yoon Eun Hye said that she has been a fan of Lee Hyun Doo when she was a child, and she really likes his songs. Ttherefore, she accepted to record the song I Love You.

Mighty Mouth - I Love You (feat.Yoon Eun Hye)

Video Credit: lovegyeh@youtube

So, she's not singing it to someone or is she?!?LOL..

DBSK in Happy Together

This show becomes even better because DBSK is in it..*grinning like crazy*
They all look freaking HOTTTT even without make ups on..

Video Credit: ginaya@youtube

The last part was soooooo funny..yoochun got dump..ROFL..special thanx to ginaya for subbing the videos.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The continuous, with storyline mv..LOL..

This time i chose timeless by Xiah Junsu(DBSK) and Jang RI In for the continuous with some kind of short story in the mv..:D
Timeless pt.1

Timeless pt.2

I really LOVE the song and the mv is not bad either. Anyways, this mv is about a thief(Siwon) who steal something and make this girl as a hostage which turn out to be the girlfriend of the captain of the police(Hankyung). Siwon ended up shooting Hankyung and somehow, he got Hankyung's heart or did he?LOL. Well, you have to watch it yourself to understand it more better. But if anyone notice the 3 actors and actress in this mv also act in Jang ri in's mv, I will. They really did a great job acting.:D

Video Credit: aquamarine88@youtube

BoA Releases 6th Studio Album

Singer BoA has released her sixth studio album in Korea and Japan.

BoA's latest album, entitled 'The Face' is her first album in almost a year since her fifth studio album 'Made in Twenty' was released early last year. The album contains various genres of songs including ballads, R&B, house, punk and rock music.

The album contains 15 songs, including her past hit singles like 'Sweet Impact,' 'Lose your Mind' and 'Love Letter.' It also features eight new songs including 'Girl in the Mirror' which BoA personally wrote as well as 'My Way, Your Way,' 'Agressive' and 'Best Friend.'

Her albums released in Korea each contain a photo of the artist with her autograph. Fans who purchase both the Korean and Japanese versions can take part in a special draw, the winner of which will receive two tickets for BoA's concert 'BoA Live Tour 2008 - The Face' to be held in Tokyo, Japan on June 28.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hong Gil Dong becomes a trend

Words “Jia You” (means “keep going”) that saying by Huh Yu Nok (played by Sung Yu Ri) are very popular among teenagers now.
Hong Gil Dong's scriptwriters are Hong sisters who always create specially memorable sayings including in My Girl and Fantasy Couple. After the broadcast of Fantasy Couple at the end of last year, character Anna Jo (played by Han Ye Seul) always said "Gudachihagunul, Mementuro" which litterally means "You aren't qualified" became very popular at that time.

In Hong Gil Dong, the Chinese words said by Sung Yu Ri's "Jia You" that are widely known now. These words are used to encourage other people, but in the drama, they becomes quite hilarious. Young Korean viewers say that the words are so interesting, so they learn to use that special language in real life.

They also write on the Internet that, "The Chinese encouraged phrase (jia you) is more favorable and pleasing to hear than the Korean's" and "Hong sisters' works are always unique, I think their dramas are amazing and I'm very happy with that."


Hong Gil Dong is a MUST watch drama, i LOVE it soooo much..

Jaejoong's preview of keyword

Preview of keyword by Jaejoong(DBSK)

Video Credit: iluvJaejoongie@youtube

I LOVE his single soooooo much..Jaejoong's voice is to die for..I melt everytime i listen to his voice..LOL..I totally in LOVE with it..:D..personally this is my favorite out of all the single they make..BUT i LOVE all of them 2 of course ..

DBSK conquer Japan's cd ranking!!!

Their single is doing so well. Hope, Junsu's and Jaejoong's single enter the ranking to after this. I will forever support them.:D

Credit: diana©(soompi@thread.dbsk)

Kibum(Super Junior) new cf, Gunpla!

MBC drama "New heart" Min Seo Hyun and Kibum(Suju) will be models for CBW's "Gunpla".
Gunpla cf pt.1(Kibum's reaction is priceless)

Gunpla cf pt.2

Video Credit: sjo7vn@youtube

actually i'm not sure what is Gunpla myself, but base on the cf i think it's about gundam "robot" or something..

Taeyeon ran away from SM

Taeyeon, the leader of the popular female group, SNSD, revealed an incident that happened during her trainee days.

On KBS 2TV's 'Star Golden Bell" that will be aired on March 1st, Taeyeon mentioned "there was a member within SNSD that vanished before debut," She then surprised all the guests on the show revealing that she is the member who vanished before debut. She said she vanished because she was so tired of the hard training she had before debut.

Taeyeon said that during her trainee days, she moved up to Seoul from a country side. But she secretly sneaked out of her dorm and went back home because of the tough practices and training. Tiffany, who appeared on the show together said, "At that time, I was roommates with Taeyeon and I was surprised when I went into the room and saw that all of Taeyeon's belongings were cleaned out."


THANX GOD she came back coz without her i don't think i will like SNSD since she is my fav in that group. Without her there'll be no OST song from Hong Gil Dong, IF which i LOVE so much.
I'm really grateful that she came back.:D