Friday, February 29, 2008

Seung Ri & Junsu.....the cutest thing ever!!!

Seungri’s Interview

Q: Do you have a song you like to sing?

Seungri: Songs that I like to listen to a lot is “Undwenayo” by Hwisong-shi. And before I debut, I really really like “Timeless” by Dongbangshinki-hyung especially Junsu-hyung, whenever I listen to songs that he sings, I always feel very touched (laughs). I’ve learnt a lot from Dongbangshinki-hyung, I also registered in Junsu-hyung’s fan cafe and post lots of news and photos ^^. Because getting to know hyungs makes Bigbang and have Seungri in Bigbang. From now on I will try harder to show better and better products !

Q: Do you have a person you admire and really want to meet?

Seungri: Like I’ve just said, I really admire Junsu-hyung from Dongbangshinki and I’ve learned a lot of things from him. I’ve bought Dongbangshinki’s CD and every time I listen to their songs I feel very good. To tell you the truth, if I get the chance to have a meal with Junsu-hyung for once it would be so great. (laughs)

Junsu’s Interview

Q: Recently, do you have a song that you like to sing?

Junsu: Recently I’ve heard about a group called “BIGBANG” a lot. And the song “Koh Jid Mal” is very good (laughs). Especially when I found out that G-Dragon composed it himself, it makes me like the song even more.

(Yunho cuts in)

Yunho: One day, Junsu bought BIGBANG cd back home and we feel very honored that we bought Bigbang’s songs to listen to. Then one day while Junsu was having dinner and watching TV, Junsu listens to “Koh Jid Mal” from Bigbang all the time.

Q: If so, have you heard about Seungri-shi from Bigbang being your fanclub?

Junsu: Aaaaa… yes, I’ve heard about this before and I feel very thankful for everyone in Bigbang. Once I went on a show and got to meet Bigbang. I shook all of their hands and when Seungri shook my hands he won’t let go. We looked at each other in the eye and Seungri said “I’ve always admire you”, when he does that I smiled and he smiled, and Seungri greeted me (said hello) again and again. I was so surprised then. (laughs)

credit: sookyung.cutiegirlmei@YGBB

awwwww, soooooo cute..especially the part when Seung ri doesn't want to let go off Junsu's hand..i would do the same thing to both of them..LOL..deym, i love em both..wish i can be there with all of them at that's like two of my TOP fav group at the same place at the same time..that place must be heaven..LOL..ah, Junsu listen to lies all the 2..gosh, we have the same interest..and i also LOVE timeless and junsu..yay..i have a similarity with both junsu and Seung ri..:D

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Anonymous said...

Luv them soooo much!!!
Junsu & Seung Ri~
They luv both each other's song!!!
So CUUUTTEE n how SWEET!!!!!