Saturday, March 8, 2008


Sandara Park’s popularity rose among Netizens following news that BIG BANG member T.O.P. acted a kissing scene with her in Gummy’s “I'm sorry” music video.

Sandara Park started her showbiz career in the Philippines in 2004 through “Star Circle Quest” and finally came back to Korea in August 2007. Since then, she has been receiving acting trainings.

Earlier today, March 7, the keyword “Sandara Park” ranked 1st in Naver’s “real-time most searched” list followed by “Gummy I’m Sorry,” “Gummy,” “TOP,” and “TOP Kiss Scene,” respectively. In Daum’s “real-time news search” list, “TOP Kiss Scene” ranked 2nd while “Sandara Park” ranked 4th.

Because of the unexpected turn of events, YG Entertainment could not help but express its surprise and a hint on what is next to come for Sandara Park.

“We didn’t know that Sandara Park will be receiving this kind of hot reaction. She’ll soon officially debut as an actress in a drama. She left the Philippines for a career in Korea and that’s sad. But after establishing a strong base here, we’re planning on doing promotions in the Philippines.”

The “I’m Sorry” music video revolves around the story of T.O.P’s character getting through the sadness of Sandara’s character leaving him.


I want to be her so bad right now..she is sooooooo lucky..dang, TOP is like one of the hottest thing alive and she got to kiss lucky girl..LOL..

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