Monday, March 3, 2008

BoA Releases 6th Studio Album

Singer BoA has released her sixth studio album in Korea and Japan.

BoA's latest album, entitled 'The Face' is her first album in almost a year since her fifth studio album 'Made in Twenty' was released early last year. The album contains various genres of songs including ballads, R&B, house, punk and rock music.

The album contains 15 songs, including her past hit singles like 'Sweet Impact,' 'Lose your Mind' and 'Love Letter.' It also features eight new songs including 'Girl in the Mirror' which BoA personally wrote as well as 'My Way, Your Way,' 'Agressive' and 'Best Friend.'

Her albums released in Korea each contain a photo of the artist with her autograph. Fans who purchase both the Korean and Japanese versions can take part in a special draw, the winner of which will receive two tickets for BoA's concert 'BoA Live Tour 2008 - The Face' to be held in Tokyo, Japan on June 28.


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