Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hong Gil Dong becomes a trend

Words “Jia You” (means “keep going”) that saying by Huh Yu Nok (played by Sung Yu Ri) are very popular among teenagers now.
Hong Gil Dong's scriptwriters are Hong sisters who always create specially memorable sayings including in My Girl and Fantasy Couple. After the broadcast of Fantasy Couple at the end of last year, character Anna Jo (played by Han Ye Seul) always said "Gudachihagunul, Mementuro" which litterally means "You aren't qualified" became very popular at that time.

In Hong Gil Dong, the Chinese words said by Sung Yu Ri's "Jia You" that are widely known now. These words are used to encourage other people, but in the drama, they becomes quite hilarious. Young Korean viewers say that the words are so interesting, so they learn to use that special language in real life.

They also write on the Internet that, "The Chinese encouraged phrase (jia you) is more favorable and pleasing to hear than the Korean's" and "Hong sisters' works are always unique, I think their dramas are amazing and I'm very happy with that."


Hong Gil Dong is a MUST watch drama, i LOVE it soooo much..

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