Wednesday, March 5, 2008

DBSK jokes,,

Yoochun was playing a computer game with a keyboard, one that requires a mouse, and didn't know why he was losing so much.
Then suddenly, Jaejoong comes in the room to find Yoochun playing one of his favorite games, but Jaejoong notices that Yoochun was losing
because he was playing it with the keyboard
So what did Jaejoong tell Yoochun?

Then Changmin comes into the room and starts to play the same game as Yoochun,
but he's playing it with the keyboard, also like Yoochun.
and Changmin didn't know why he was losing.
So what does Jaejoong tell Changmin?

Joke #1: Micky, mouse.

Joke #2: Minnie, mouse


Though some people might think this joke is lame but i still think it's funny and cute..:D

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