Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sun Mi 1st Day in High School=CHAOS!!!

13th March: First Day of High School @ Chungdam High School

On Sun Mi’s first day at High School, it was SO CRAZY THAT THREE WINDOWS FROM HER CLASS WERE SHATTERED BECAUSE OF PEOPLE CROWDING HER CLASSROOM. PPL WERE TRAMPLED, HALLWAYS BLOCKED, and even when school started, they didn’t leave. Every chance they get, they would go to her class, perhaps even disrupting her class in the process.

14th March: Sun Mi goes around classrooms to greet everyone

Sun Mi went to EACH CLASS to greet them and ask them not to come into her class so often because it was bothering her class & fellow students.

3 teachers, and I believe one principal was with her as she went around greeting them. They also gave the students 10 seconds of photo time

Sunmi dyed her hair black again because she wanted to follow the school regulations and act like what a normal student does.

Some real-life stories from students of Chungdam High School


Sun Mi came to school on 13th March. It was crazy as ppl crowded around the class, taking pictures, resulting in a sea of students as three of Sun Mi’s classroom windows broke, the door came off the hinges, and people wouldn’t leave even after the morning bell rang. So the teachers had to hassle with the students to get back to their classes as a result.

Chungdam High School, BARELY HAS ANY CELEBRITIES. MOST JUST TRANSFER TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL SUCH AS TAE YEON FROM SNSD & SUN YE FROM Wonder Girls. Due to the strict rules of Chungdam High School, and its restrictions on celebrities, it makes a celebrities’ life hard when trying to follow those rules. Thus, so many just transfer to a different school. BUT SUN MI said that she’d rather go to a normal school like everyone else, and so she isn’t going to transfer, but will follow the harsh rules instead.

Sun Mi didn’t want her presence to bother other students in her class, she thus went with three other teachers around the classrooms and greeted the classes one by one. She said that she didn’t want people to come to her room a lot because it will disturb the other students. She wished all the best for everyone.

What’s really weird is that the Teachers said for every class:

“Now, I’ll give you 10 seconds of picture time. Go!“

So some people took pictures while others took videos. She signed the blackboard, and was a bit shy/hesistant.

A lot of people said she was nice enough to smile for everyone as they took pictures of her. Chungdam High School is a co-ed school, which makes it worse.

So Hee As well..she goes to a different school, an all-girls school, but she too went around all the classes and greeted everyone. However, there are barely any photos of So Hee since the teachers didn’t let people take pictures, unlike Sun Mi’s school. Everyone said that they were nice and looked like dolls.


woah, that must be tough juz to study peacefully, well at least she won't be sleepy in the class with that many people

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