Sunday, March 16, 2008

G-Dragon ask Son Ga In out........not really..

Star Golden Bell Ep.176 pt.1

The rumor is out bcoz of the clip here, it started at 8:00 and so on..

There are new articles out clearing up this issue. People were confused b/c she sounded like she said, “No. No. …(softly) Ye…,” when the MCs asked her if it’s GD.

Ga-in announced that she meant to say “말씀드릴 수 없다” (mal soom du lil soo up dah) = “I can’t say.”
However, she was cut off by the MCs. Instead of saying what she wanted to, her words sounded like “맞습…” (maht soop) = “Ye…”

credit: melodygreenleaf@soompi
thanks for clearing that up melody.


The episode of KBS “Star Golden Bell” last March 15 created a lot of buzz among fans because of Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in’s revelation that a member of an idol group that was younger than her called her up and asked her for a date.

The MCs of the show asked her if this guy is from Super Junior but was later taken out of the picture because the members of the said group are older than Ga-in. Then they asked their next suspect.

“Is he from BIG BANG? Is he G-dragon?”

Apparently, the production staff of the show was confused with Ga-in’s answer to the question for the subtitle said “yes” when the Brown Eyed Girls member reasoned that it was not really what she meant when she was interviewed by Newsen on the 16th.

“It’s not true that G-dragon asked me out on a date. The subtitle “yes” (맞습..) was a misunderstanding. If you watch the show again, I didn’t say “yes” but said “I can’t say (말씀드릴 수 없다).” It just so happened that they have similar pronunciations but I certainly made clear during the show that it wasn’t G-dragon,” Ga-in explained.

Ga-in indeed said “no” when asked if it were G-dragon who asked her on a date.

Video Credit: vinchenzo79@youtube

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