Monday, March 3, 2008

The continuous, with storyline mv..LOL..

This time i chose timeless by Xiah Junsu(DBSK) and Jang RI In for the continuous with some kind of short story in the mv..:D
Timeless pt.1

Timeless pt.2

I really LOVE the song and the mv is not bad either. Anyways, this mv is about a thief(Siwon) who steal something and make this girl as a hostage which turn out to be the girlfriend of the captain of the police(Hankyung). Siwon ended up shooting Hankyung and somehow, he got Hankyung's heart or did he?LOL. Well, you have to watch it yourself to understand it more better. But if anyone notice the 3 actors and actress in this mv also act in Jang ri in's mv, I will. They really did a great job acting.:D

Video Credit: aquamarine88@youtube

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