Wednesday, February 27, 2008

YoonA - Model of "Solar-C"

Girls’ Generation member Yoona was selected as the new model of the vitamin brand “Solar-C.”

“She’s refreshing and charming and she fits well the image of ‘Solar-C.’ We expect that Yoona will appeal to females in the 10-20 age bracket” a Solar-C representative said on why the company picked the Girls’ Generation member as its product’s model.

Last February 4, Yoona shot a commercial with a Cinderella concept, showing that a clear skin and an over-all beautiful look is an effect of taking vitamin C, in Apkujeong, Seoul. It is planned to be broadcast in March.

“I’m happy to be chosen as the model of ‘Solar C’ and I enjoyed filming the commercial. In the future, I also want to show a different side of me” Yoona said.


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