Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Voting Issues for "Hot Blood Boys"

As we all know the JYP Entertainment are creating a new group called "Hot Blood Boys". The show that are airing in Korea right now includes 13 members who will be competing with each other to get into that band.

Unfortunately, the voting which determines who will be cut out of the show has been an issue. Since, they used an "Internet Poll"which they started on the 8th February, the voting has been biased. According to a post made by a viewer in the program’s homepage, members of other male groups are going to sabotage the poll to make the talented trainees to be kicked out. Therefore, the removal of the Poll is getting hot reactions from Netizens and viewers.

“The poll is not working out fairly. Those with talent are being removed without a valid reason. The voting method must be changed” a Netizen commented.

Also, the program’s PD clarified that 100% of the result is based from viewer’s opinions.


Let us just wait and see how the band will turn out.. Hmmm..


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