Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Bopper's" Wot's that??

Blopper's is a new new Mnet music talk show which will be hosted by Dynamic Duo. It is where various behind-the-scenes stories and accounts on hardships that happen within the music industry will be discussed.

According to the show’s director, the show is planned to liven up the music industry that is experiencing a big slump and to bring the hope back.

For the first recording of the show, the Dynamic Duo will deliver warm packed meals for Jewelry, who will have its comeback stage on February 14 at Mnet Mcountdown, and interview the members on their ambitions and struggles.

“We decided to get on with this program because its concept is interesting. Not only the musicians but also the staff members are working hard for the show. We’re glad to be able to acknowledge a musician’s work through this program. There haven’t been a lot of chance wherein senior and junior singers get to interact so this show is going to be great” Dynamic Duo commented.

Credit: krnloop.wordpress

I'll be lookin forward to watch how the show ended up looking.. Hope it will feature all the BIG artists.. I'm wondering how they all overcome the struggles that they had and also watchin them eat all the "warm packed meal" that the Dynamic Duo delivered.. LOL.. Hope the show is satisfying.. :)

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