Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poll ended ^^

After more than a year our poll is officially ended and the winner for :

Which boy band do u think can make it "BIG" throughout the whole world?

DBSK won - With all the fiasco DBSK is going through with the whole JYJ vs SM Cassies are still going strong and not forgetting to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH~


Which girl band do you think can be listed in your list?

WONDER GIRLS top the list beating SNSD, SEEYA & BEG.
- This girls are making their name known throughout the whole world. They deserve to be on every Kpop-ers list^^

Have u been to any concert of your K-POP idols?

Most of the readers have not been to any concert but are willing to go to one. Well maybe someday our blog will make a contest and the winner will win a concert ticket. Who knows. So, stay tune and keep reading our blog.

Don't forget to vote on the new poll kay!!!

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