Saturday, October 2, 2010

My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox

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My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox or also known as my girlfriend is a gumiho is a must watch for all the Korean drama freak. This drama is not your typical Korean drama where the lead actress is a nine tailed fox/gumiho in other word she is not a human.

The nine tailed fox who is played by Shin Min Ah wanted to be a human all her life. But she was stuck in a picture due to jealousy in the past. A few hundred years later, the lead actor who is played by Lee Seunggi got trick by the gumiho and freed it to the world. Because Seunggi or Dae Woong(Seunggi's name in the drama) save her, when he is dying falling from a hill the gumiho help him by lending her most precious bead to help him survive.

As the drama continue on Miho(Dae Woong make her name as Gu Miho) met a guy played by No Min Woo who she called Teacher Dongju who told her she can change into human if another human being hold her bead for a hundred days but what he does not tell is that the holder will die after the 100 days. Miho who doesn't know the last fact ask Dae Woong to hold the bead for her and Dae Woong who is also in need for the bead agreed to hold the bead for her. So, they make a 100 days love contract not knowing one of them is going to die at the end of the contract.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. The best Korean drama ever. Woong ah~ Saranghae<3<3<3

Eastern Lovers said...

I see you're a fan. I'm a fan myself. ^__________^