Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Changmin&Yoochun preview[T.R.I.C.K]

All five member of DBSK will release each single from the title TRICK..Isn't it cool..they were like combining all the single into one for all and all for one(random)..LOL..

T is Two Hearts for Max Changmin(6th Feb 08)
R is Runaway for Micky Yoochun(13th Feb 08)
I is If for Xiah Junsu(27th Feb 08)
C is Close To You for U-Know Yunho(5rd March 08)
K is Keyword for Hero Jaejoong(12th March 08)

p/s: the date is when they're going to release the basically Changmin is going to release his single on Yunho's bday..LOL..

Video Credit: minnieholicx@youtube

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