Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HAHA was rushed to the hospital!!!

Multi-entertainer HaHa was rushed to the hospital because of over fatigue on 4th February.

“HaHa wasn’t able to host his radio program “HaHa’s Tenten Club” for he was advised to take a day’s rest to recover his strength. Singer BMK and Han Kyung Il filled in for him,” conveyed by an authorized personnel.

When he woke up in the emergency room, HaHa expressed his apologies to his fans for the worry he may have caused.

HaHa will enlist in the compulsory military training on the 11th and after finishing his 4-week basic military training, he will complete the rest of his obligation through community service, like what most celebrities do.

p/s: awww, poor HAHA, hope he will feel better now. He is so nice, he even apologized to his fans although it's not his fault.


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